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Tools: Sketch, Invision, Maze, Principle

I was recognized as the go-to resource for all digital brand and visual design matters. I lead their design team on numerous digital product initiatives and also extended myself to the marketing realm by leading the marketing integration into their digital ecosystem.


I helped Casey’s establish new usability testing that will help iteratively refine their digital products and realize increased engagement over time. 


I also helped Casey’s quickly adjust to the new reality of COVID by creating the Curbside experience. The Curbside function was launched in August and represented 5.7% of digital revenue or $10+ million. I also took part in designing the DoorDash integration which has gained more than $15 Million. I have completed more than 100 designs, 350+ user stories, and Casey’s has increased their digital sales by 127% and gained more than 3 million rewards guests. during 2020.

UI Kit
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User Testing
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