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ITS Logistics

Tool: Figma

Based upon the ITS Carrier Capacity Management (CCM) discovery work – including documentation, interviews with ITS stakeholders and subject matter experts –  I created the design concept of the Load Board for desktop and mobile.


I simplified the platform by better organizing content as well as streamlining the usability for Dispatchers and Drivers. The intent of this concept is to show how clean, usable interfaces can accelerate the user’s work, saving ITS—and its clients—time, headaches, and money.


I used bold color and strong visual cues to help the user quickly move from one task to another within the app. This design pushes the idea of what’s possible while giving a nod to the simplicity and function of travel applications. It also focuses heavily on the importance of accessibility for all users through typography choices, content hierarchy, and thoughtful spacing. Users follow a logical progression from high-level to detailed information at a much closer level.

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